Stockholm, Sweden - Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry - 2 Days

Stockholm, Sweden - Clinical Applications in Laser Dentistry - 2 Days


Few technologies in dentistry are as fun as lasers, therefore we enjoy teaching this exciting subject which is revolutionising the industry, hence we ourselves have not been able to stop studying the subject that keeps growing our clinical repertoire.



  • A detailed, focused and interactive laser training workshop covering the various fields of laser-supported dentistry (Restorative, Perio, Implantology, Endo, Surgical, Biostimulation and more)
  • Lectures and Case Discussions supported by scientific information on a foundation of laser science
  • A 'Hands-On' component between each speciality
  • Each delegate to perform the laser procedure / technique on 'Sheep's Heads' to ensure hard- and soft-tissue experience using an All-Tissue Laser (Er,Cr:YSGG 2,780nm) and Soft Tissue Laser (Diode 940nm)

Understanding different laser wavelengths, their Biophysical Interactions, Absorption into different tissue types, their Wattage, Pulses, Joules/cm2 Dose, and so on, is all critical to the results that will be achieved, and extremely important to the success of clinical procedures and outcomes.

With this advanced training, you will understand and be able to apply the benefits of lasers in every-day dental procedures with results that are sure to generate a new reaction from your patients, a “Wow, that was it?” response that patients love to talk about, after which they are not able to consider traditional dentistry again.

Laser experience is not compulsory for this advanced workshop, whilst laser experienced dental practitioners are also highly encouraged to attend to take laser applications and understanding to the next level, expand clinical repertoire and maximise the immense benefits of lasers.

Modern lasers are designed to be user-friendly with many pre-sets that make it “easy” to operate, however, you will leave this workshop knowing how to correctly adjust settings / pre-sets according to different tissues, pigments and situations for even more optimal results.


Trainers are experienced users and qualified at post-graduate level in Lasers in Dentistry. (Mastership & MSc. Genoa & Aachen)

Dr Nico Verloop: Qualified (MSc.) Master of Science Laser Dentist (Genoa 2016), Trainer and Educator with a busy private dental practice in Pretoria, with a focus on pedodontics and orthodontics.

Dr Jacques Ferreira: Qualified Mastership Laser Dentist (AALZ 2017), currently completing the MSc. 3rd year at Aachen; an experienced Clinical Laser Dentist and Trainer in full-time practice in the small town of Standerton, South Africa.

Dr Bryan Sher: Qualified Mastership Laser Dentist (AALZ), currently completing MSc. 3rd year at Aachen, as well as enjoying full-time private practice in Cape Town and Laser Trainer with much passion.



08h00-08h30       Registration
08h30-09h30       Intro to Light & Lasers / Physics Basics (BS)
09h30-10h15       Simulation
10h15-10h30       Coffee Break
10h30-12h00       Cavity Preparation (NV)
12h00-13h00       Practical: Cavity Prep
13h00-13h30       Lunch
13h30-14h15       Frenectomy (NV)
14h15-15h00       Soft Tissue (JF)
15h15-16h15       Simulation: Soft Tissue
16h30-17h30       Endodontics (BS)
17h30-18h00       Laser Safety (BS)


08h00-08h30       Registration
08h30-09h30       Periodontics (JF)
09h30-10h15       Periodontics (JF)
10h15-10h45       Tea Break
10h45-11h30       Crown Lengthening (JF)
11h30-12h30       Practical Endo & Practical Crown
12h30-13h15       Lunch
13h15-14h00       Photobiomodulation (Physics) (BS)
14h00-14h45       PBM (Calculations) (NV)
14h45-15h30       PBM (Clinical & Methods) (JF)
15h30-16h00       Q&A


Number of attendees are limited to ensure focused and attentive individual training opportunity with each.
Trainers are experienced users as well and are qualified at post-graduate level in Lasers in Dentistry. (Genoa & Aachen)


Event Properties

Event Date 09-20-2019 8:00 am
Event End Date 09-21-2019 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited