Recorded archive of past webinars
Webinar - Dr. Gilles Chaumanet - 27 August 2015 - Applications du Waterlase en Implantologie et chirurgie orale
Webinar 1 July 2015 - Dr. Sam Low - Versatile Management of Periodontal Conditions with WaterLase


Webinar - Laser supported periodontal treatment concept by Gutknecht, using the Waterlase iPlus with two wavelengths Diode 940nm and Er,Cr:YSGG 2780nm


Webinar - “The Basics of Waterlase-assisted Crown Lengthening” by Dr. Chris Walinski



WEBINAR - Laser periodontics and implantology - Dr. Rana Al-Falaki MRD

This webinar will explore the use of all-tissue lasers in periodontal therapy, outlining the latest research, advantages in both patient-centered and clinical outcomes, and demonstrating its use in flapless bone regeneration.

With an increasing trend toward minimally invasive periodontics, lasers have the potential to fit into this category very well. With improvement and more high quality research emerging, along with the emphasis on patient benefits and improving quality of life, and a better understanding of different laser wavelengths and their potential uses, the use of certain lasers in periodontics and particularly peri-implantitis treatment is increasing. This webinar will explore the benefits of Waterlase, and to a lesser extent 940nm diodes, helping to translate scientific research into practical and clinical uses, covering subjects such as flapless periodontal therapy, cosmetic perio procedures such as depigmentation, and peri-implantitis treatment.